Sea King Sunset

I was fiddling around last night, trying (not very effectively) to take portraits with flash lighting on Ham Hill, when I had a few seconds notice of this photo as I heard the helicopter.  I knew that I had to try to grab a shot as it crossed the sunset.  Sadly though, I had no time, or my brain didn’t work fast enough, to think about shutter speed for the shot, and being in portrait mode at the time, I had the aperture wide open.  All I managed was to expose for the sky to get the silhouette that I wanted.  The result is that the shutter speed was much too high, so there is no blurring of the rotors. normally essential for helicopter shots.  The shutter speed should have been 1/125 sec or less for a Sea King and in fact it was 1/4000 sec.

Because the Sea King is in the distance, I might just have got away with it.

Sea King Sunset


2 thoughts on “Sea King Sunset

  1. I definitely think that you have got away with it – that’s a good picture. You’ve caught the helicopter is just the right place relative to both the brightest part of the sky and to the middle of “dip in the treeline” that its flying across. Adrian


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