Last year I did a couple of posts of images of the War Memorial on Ham Hill, Somerset.  As I was up there again this week, I took the opportunity to take a few more photos of it.

Last time that I visited this spot, I set out to produce an HDR image of the War Memorial.  This can be found here if anyone is interested.  My second post on this subject set out to use one of the bracketed exposures to produce a monochrome silhouette.

On this visit, most of the light had already gone out of the sky, so I took a few shots with the intent of using them in colour silhouettes.  These are shown below.  I think I prefer the ‘letterbox’ crop.

Memorial 1

Memorial 2

Memorial 3

Sadly though, the sky was not as interesting as it was in last year’s shots, but sometimes we just have to take what we can get.  Here is that original image, this time in colour.

Memorial Silhouette - Colour


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