Before they fall

Knowing that it was going to rain on the next day, and boy did it throw it down, we decided to pop out to Barrington Court to see what the gardens were looking like in mid August.  Many of the flowers were past their best, but these gardens are always worth a visit, whatever the season.

Flower photography was a challenge because of the fairly strong breeze but I had a go anyway.  This was one of photos which I quite liked, grabbed during a lull in the breeze and before these petals also fell off.

Before they fall

Olympus E-520, 70-300 mm lens at 169 mm, 1/1000 at f9, ISO400.

I recently needed to return this lens for repair of the focus mechanism and since then, I haven’t been entirely happy with it.  I think this may have been because of the circumstances in which I was using it, because I am reasonably content with this shot.  It might have been better with my 50 mm macro lens, but this would have necessitated trampling on the flower bed, which wouldn’t have been popular with the gardeners.


14 thoughts on “Before they fall

    • Thank you Mimo. I doubt whether those petals would have been there 30 minutes later. I was going to shoot another bloom close by, when the last petal fell as I was focusing. Time was passing quite quickly. Dave.


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