House with a view

We recently spent a very pleasant couple of weeks visiting our son and his family in Freeport, Maine.  It turned out that we were a bit early for the best of the ‘leaf peeping’ season, the timing of which is pretty difficult to predict accurately.  The colours were slowly starting to appear, but were not great during the period that we were there.  Never mind, we had a good time anyway.

They live on the top of a hill with some great views, so although there was a lack of colour while we were there, I thought I would post some shots of the view from their deck.  Here is the first one, taken soon after we arrived.

Neil's View

Just above and to the right of centre of the frame it is just possible to see the tidal Harraseeket River.

I thought that the leaves were turning slowly while we were there, but my photos don’t really show it well.  This next shot was taken a week later, but the framing is a little different.

Neil's View

And finally, just before we came home.

Neil's View

Even if the leaf colours were not that vivid, this was compensated for by the sunrises that I posted recently, here and here.

I may post a few more autumnal shots from New England, but I will also be looking to see what Old England can offer from this and previous autumns.

4 thoughts on “House with a view

  1. Wonderful views Dave and beautifully captured. I went out today to try and get some autumn leaft shots but we’re not quite there yet in our part of Sussex – fabulous toadstools in the woods though…


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