Silverstone 2011 Revisited – 1

I know that I should be out taking new photographs, but during a few free moments I’ve just been looking back through some photos from over a year ago, when I was lucky enough to attend the GT1 Championships at Silverstone.  I did post a few images then, which can be found here, but there were quite a few that were not posted, and my ideas for post processing and presentation have changed a bit since that time.

Since my interest in motorsport will always be with me, I may pop in a few new images from that meet.

First, here is a shot of the Super Trofeo lead car for the supporting Lamborghini races, which I took in the paddock.  I have cropped it more tightly than in my original, unposted shot and boosted the contrast and saturation a bit.  If only I could have avoided the ‘self portrait’!  Photoshop I hear you say?  Maybe.

I like it better but suspect that there is still scope for cropping it even tighter.


I think there may be some more to come.


6 thoughts on “Silverstone 2011 Revisited – 1

  1. I love this sort of shot. There’s so much detail in race cars and so many people don’t see it/notice it. I wouldn’t photoshop it personally. The thing about photographing an event like that which appeals to me is the immediacy of it (having spent all day today freezing my behind off at Silverstone photographing the Walter Hayes Trophy).


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