Vietnam – Hue 4: The Perfume River

It’s been a while now since my last post on our Vietnam trip.  I really do need to apologise to anyone who had their interest fired up, and then found my Vietnam posts drying up.  This has been purely down to finding enough time to sort through the Vietnam archive and choose what to include, whilst continuing my busy retirement.  In other words, no real excuse.

As I had to say in my last post on the trip, it is getting increasingly difficult to remember all of the day to day details, so there will not be much of a commentary.

During our brief stay in Hue, as well as visiting the the Dong Ba Market, Tu Duc’s Tomb, and the Thien Mu Pagoda, we were also able to enjoy a Dragon Boat Cruise on the Perfume River.

The first three shots were taken before the cruise, from the bridge close to our hotel.  I’m just stunned by the lack of freeboard on some of these boats.

Hue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverThe remainder of the images in this post were taken from our Dragon Boat.  Apart from the Dragon heads depicted on the prow, these tourist Dragon Boats’ are a world away from what one might expect if one had read a Wikipedia description of Dragon Boats.  However, we were on holiday, and had no inclination to paddle our own boat.

These photos depict life and scenes on and around the Perfume River, where many people work and live.

Hue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverHue - Perfume RiverIn the centre foreground is the Hotel Saigon Morin, where we were staying for a couple of nights.  This French Colonial style hotel was built in 1901 by a french business man and was originally called The Grand Hotel de Hue.

Hue - Perfume RiverThis is the bridge, adjacent to the hotel, and from which the first few photos were taken.

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume RiverI particularly liked the next shot, which I call ‘Sampan Lady’, but think it suits the monochrome treatment in the following shot better.  Apologies to anyone who has already seen the previous version posted a while ago.

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume RiverI also quite like this one.

Hue - Perfume RiverLife by the river is simple.

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume RiverIt is interesting to see the various uses of the river.  Close inspection might be required.

Hue - Perfume RiverA closer shot of the woman on the left, but not of the girls on the right.

Hue - Perfume River

Hue - Perfume RiverThis story of our trip through Vietnam started some time ago, but the first post can be found here.  I intend to keep updating this story as and when I have time, so please keep an eye on it.


9 thoughts on “Vietnam – Hue 4: The Perfume River

  1. It seems many in the world sit and wait to be entertained busy Dave, so concerning yourself over making them hold on a bit longer should not be your main worry, the fact that you write easy to read and interesting posts more than keeps me following.


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