I wish that …….

It was our granddaughter Grace’s 11th birthday while we were visiting them in Maine, New England recently.  She had a ‘sleepover’ party with some of her friends and one of the ‘events’ of the evening was to launch some Chinese Wish Lanterns.  Thankfully it had rained a fair bit during the previous hours, so this alleviated our fears somewhat, of setting fire to large swathes of forest in the area.  The wind was also blowing out to sea.   Needless to say, I tried to capture some images of the event for posterity.  I think this one, with a launch hand releasing the lantern may be my favourite.

I wish that …..
Chinese Wish Lantern being released during oldest grand-daughter’s birthday party.

We didn’t hear any fire trucks afterwards.

2 thoughts on “I wish that …….

    • Thank you Adrian. It came out better than I expected. My 4/3 Olympus E-30 isn’t great at higher ISO, so it is pretty noisy around the hand, especially because I enlarged the hand a little to balance the picture. Still, the idea worked.


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