Silverstone 2011 Revisited – 4

It’s the end of January and way past time that I wished everyone a belated Happy New Year.

Somehow the New Year has been keeping me pretty busy, so I’ve not had much time for posting or even reading everyone’s New Year offerings.  This has been exacerbated by a string of computer problems which have been beyond my understanding.  However, so far I have survived and this post is just to prove that I am still here, and hoping to continue this blog through 2013.

I’ve chosen an image that was already on Flickr, continuing my Silverstone 2011 Revisited series a little further.

Lamborghini Rear Quarter

Another shot from the 2011 GT1 Championship event at Silverstone.  Shiny cars which are beyond my reach always appeal to me.  This Lamborghini rear quarter may tantalise the desires of a few petrol heads, but I think I would still prefer something a little more down to earth.


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