Winter Sun in Swanage!

The sun was shining on New Year’s Day.  A pretty rare event this winter, so Dee and I popped down to Swanage for a breath of sea air.  We were pretty late off the mark, and didn’t arrive until after lunch so we had to settle for a fairly short walk around.

Here are a few photos from that day, just to show that a British Winter isn’t all bad.

When we got to the quay, we spotted a couple of gigs being crewed up ready to set to sea.  It seems that these two boats were part of Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s Fleet of Cornish Pilot Gigs.  More about this Club can be found on their website.

Local Gigs

Dancing Ledge.

.'Dancing Ledge'



By following the link on the bow of ArryPaye, I was able to find out a little more about the pirate, Harry Paye, who provided the source of this boat’s name.

'Dancing' Ledge and 'Arrypaye'

We then walked along to the pier.  Although we have often visited this area, we had never taken the time to walk out onto the pier.

Not this one.  This is the remains of the original ‘Old Pier’ in Swanage.  Wikipedia yields the information that it was built between 1859 and 1861, mainly for use by the local quarrying industry.  Information about the old tramway can also be found.

Swanage Old Pier

Swanage Old Pier

The new pier was built for use by the regular passenger steamer services from Poole and Bournemouth.  It was officially opened in 1897 and continued to be used for regular steamer services until 1966.  After that it began to fall into disrepair until it was taken over by the Swanage Pier Trust in 1993.

It was awarded pier of the Year in 2012.

Swanage Pier

A walk on the pier.

I wondered what this strange yellow thing was at the end of the pier.  On closer inspection, it can be seen to be a Wave Radar.  Google can provide information about what it is used for.

Wave RadarAs we started to walk back to the car, we spotted this self proclaimed ‘photo opportunity’.  It is an impressive piece of artwork.

Wall Art: Swanage

It was a good, but chilly day out in the sun, and a pretty good way to start the New Year.

That’s it from this post.  I’m hoping to post more soon.  Thanks for looking.


4 thoughts on “Winter Sun in Swanage!

  1. Hi Dave! Good pictures – we know Swanage well, its a favourite of our’s when in that neck of the woods. Nicely small, and rather old fashioned – and it has a fascinating shop that sells rocks, minerals and fossils – I’m an ex-geologist.

    You’ve really caught that art work well in the bottom photo here – certainly impressive! Hope you’re both fine! Adrian


    • Hi Adrian. We used to spend a lot of time on Purbeck with the kids. Not as often now, though we still like to when we can. Many years ago I remember being asked to demonstrate my Marauder (ex Mirror 14) to the Swanage Sailing Club. Sadly they didn’t adopt the class.

      I think the artwork on the building was really good. Not sure about the photo though.

      My presence here is a bit sporadic at the moment as there is lots going on, but I am trying to stay in touch.


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