There’s no hope (for me)

Last summer, I posted some photos entitled St George’s Church.  I had produced both colour and B&W versions of one of the shots, and I quite liked the B&W version.  Our Camera Club had a competition this week, just for B&W images, and since I didn’t have many suitable and recent images, I thought that I would use that one.

This post is just to emphasise the importance of studying your images very carefully before publishing them anywhere.  I was particularly happy with the composition of this image, and had got so involved in trying to find a suitable ‘treatment’ for it, that I had completely failed to notice the ugly street lamp poking out of the top of the trees.  The judge did notice it.  Oh the embarrassment!  I think he quite liked the image apart from this ‘unforgivable’, to use his description, error.  He also thought that more could have been made of the sky.

I’m always ready to listen to advice, and since the judge’s criticisms were completely justified, I’ve posted a ‘corrected’ image today.

Please look back to the original post, and spot the street light.  Mind you, I would have preferred to have had it pointed out before the competition!


6 thoughts on “There’s no hope (for me)

  1. Hi Dave,
    Nice image, I’m not totally sure on the b&w choice, cuz the tones of the grave and the grass is too similar and a bit too bright, but that’s my personal preference!
    Very hard to spot the light at this size too.


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