Fifty Shades

I neither want, nor deserve, any credit at all for the set up of the following photographs.  This was all done by a fellow photographer called Wendy, who had been inspired to use the theme from the book trilogy for her entry into our Camera Club B&W competition which has just passed.  Some of us, who were less acquainted with the books, wondered what all the ‘stuff’ which she brought to a practical session was for.  Wendy soon told us and was happy for us to take some shots of her subject matter, but preferred that we did not enter it in that competition, which was a very reasonable request.

I did say that I wouldn’t mind publishing some shots online, but promised not to do it until after the competition.  She was happy with this.

I think that Wendy’s idea to use this theme for the competition was excellent and from memory, I think her image did get at least a ‘Highly Commended’ from the judge.  Well done Wendy.

These two images were my efforts to grab shots of her setup.  Thank goodness that someone had the artistic flair to set them up, so that ‘non artists’ like me could take advantage.

Shades of Grey 1

Shades of Grey 2

Thanks Wendy for a great idea!


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