More Cheetah

Over a year ago, after I started my series on Vietnam, I dropped in a photo of a Cheetah, which I captured in Namibia in 2006.  I still haven’t finished my series on Vietnam, which I consider to be a terrible failure, so this post drops in a few more Cheetah photos, just to keep the blog moving.  Please don’t be too critical of them as they were all taken with a humble 5MP camera.  How cameras have moved on.

These pictures were all taken at the Africat Foundation at Okonjima, in Namibia.  We stayed here for a couple of nights during our tour.  As we were walking into the lodge, we met the well known celebrity and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, who had just been filming for a TV programme screened a little while after we returned toi the UK.  She had a few words for us as we passed, saying with a smile, that we ‘would enjoy it here’.  We certainly did.

Cheetah Feeding TimeLying around!

Cheetah Feeding TimeYawning.

Cheetah Feeding TimeWaiting for supper.

Cheetah Feeding TimeSleep walking?

Cheetah Feeding TimeMore lying around.

Cheetah Feeding Time

Prowling around.

My earlier Cheetah post can be found here.

Hopefully, one day I will get around to posting some more from Namibia.  I just hope you can wait!


13 thoughts on “More Cheetah

  1. That second from last shot is a real winner I think Dave. Lovely composition. Just shows you what you can do with a 5MP camera. Such beautiful animals. I envious of your tour! I’d love to go to Africa with my camera. 🙂


    • Thank you. We have had three African holidays, which were great. We would love to go back. but prices have soared and, having had three good ones, we worry that we would be disappointed if we went again, bearing in mind current prices. I can recommend both Botswana, and Namibia. Both seen very ‘secure’ countries. If we go again though, we would like to do Tanzania, and this does seem expensive.


    • They certainly are. We were lucky to have such easy access to photographing them. The Africat Foundation takes in cats that have been captured on farms where they were ‘worrying’ (possibly also known as eating) the animals, and also sometimes orphaned or injured cats. They generally get freed back into the wild when they are ready, but into a reserve well away from where they were found.


    • Thank you Iltana. I guess that would be the shadows. I think they were ‘lucky’ shots really. The cats were prowling around our vehicle waiting to be fed, although eventually they will be released into the wild. I think they are encouraged to hunt, but still need a ‘top up’ of food while they are learning.


  2. These are cool shots … up close and personal … it is probably just me, but I think it is not the equipment that makes a photo but the person behind it that leaves a visual footprint in our minds.


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