Canoe Slalom Competition

I haven’t posted here for a while, but I am still around.  Here is a quick post to prove it.

While visiting good friends near Nottingham last weekend, I had a brief opportunity to visit the National Watersports Centre at Holm Pierrepont.  As it happened, there was a canoe slalom competition going on, apparently part of the GB Team Selection series, and I had an opportunity to snap a few photos.  I have no real knowledge about this sport, but it appears that this competition was for the women’s C1 slalom.  We didn’t have an opportunity to watch any other classes.

What I was very pleasantly surprised at was the accessibility of the competition to spectators.  We just walked in, and as long as we didn’t get in the way of the officials and judges, we were able to go pretty much wherever we wanted.

The photos aren’t great, but are at least something a little different for me.

Canoe 3
Canoe 4

I think my favourite is the last one, but maybe it should have been cropped more heavily.

My thanks to John for taking me to the National Watersports Centre.

If chores permit, I will try to post some more from last weekend soon.

8 thoughts on “Canoe Slalom Competition

    • Thanks for looking and commenting. I’ve had a dabble at canoeing when I was a lot younger, and did enjoy it. No ‘white water’ though, and now I am much too old to participate. It is an enjoyabe spectator sport though. Sadly, we don’t have any white water near my home.


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