Wiscombe Park – 1

Anyone who has spotted my earlier post on the GT1 Championship event at Silverstone in 2011, may remember that I have been interested in motorsport since an early age.  Well, last week, whilst taking my wife for a day out in Exeter, we passed an AA road sign directing traffic to a Hill Climb event at Wiscombe Park, in Devon.  Since that was the very venue that helped develop my interest in motorsport, I thought that it might be good to revisit last Sunday, as long as the weather wasn’t too bad.  Studies of all the weather forecasting options suggested that it would be mainly dry but cold, so we decided to go.

It was probably the best part of 50 years since I last attended a Hill Climb at Wiscombe Park, but the first thing that struck me was how little things had changed over that period.  The ‘feel’ of the place was very much the same.  Although there were some ‘modern’ cars competing in the event, there were still quite a few cars from that era.  As we enjoyed the day out, I hope that I will be able to revisit Wiscombe again this year.  There are some interesting events coming up.

This will be the start of an intermittent series of posts with photos of some of the interesting cars spotted last Sunday.

First off is a car from that era.  It is a Cooper T65, which I believe dates back to 1963, when it was designed for Formula Junior racing.  That may have been the last year for that racing formula.  This car had a 1598cc engine and was driven by Reg Broome.  It was a lovely example of a 60s racing car and was probably worth quite a lot of money today.

Cooper T65The quality of the photos in this series will be a little suspect as I am still working out the best technique.  Another reason why I need to attend some more hill climbs.


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