Bluebell Potential?

Around this time of year, usually a bit earlier, photographers seem to get obsessed with searching out photos of bluebells.  Often, at least for me, the results are disappointing.  Last year failed for me because although I found some good locations, the bluebells seemed to bloom is a bit of a ‘trickle’.  No doubt I can blame the weather for that.

This year, I decided not to even bother with bluebell photographs.  The weather this year has made them bloom late.  Will this, however, mean that their sudden rush to reproduce will result in some bumper displays?  Although I decided not to bother with them this year, a couple of days ago I stumbled on a copse of trees, where there seemed to be some potential for bluebell photos in a few days time.  They were just starting to come out, and they were interspersed with ferns, which I thought might add to the display.

I’ve just posted one shot.  Will it be worth going back in a few days, with more intent on composition?  I guess we will have to wait and see.Springtime Woodland

Any ideas on how many days to give them?


7 thoughts on “Bluebell Potential?

  1. In my limited experience, bluebells and be difficult to photograph – (apart from finding a half decent swathe) – especially when it is overly sunny. They seem to have a kind of waxy surface (like crocuses) which reflects the light like mirrors.
    I had hoped to get out today, on a regular Wednesday photo trip, but I have a bad cold and it’s wet and windy – meaning the foliage will be all in motion. (Mind you that gives an idea in itself – where’s my camera!).


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