Bluebells Revisited

My post, ‘Bluebell Potential?‘, raised the subject of photographing Bluebells>  It questioned whether, for me, it was worth the effort since I often ended up disappointed with the results.  Well, five days later, I did revisit the woodland on which I had stumbled and had a closer look.  I think that I was still a little early for the best display, but the weather forecast was dreadful for my next opportunity so I took a look anyway,  The display had certainly moved forward and a few snaps were duly taken.  More importantly, I was able to explore the extent of this woodland more fully, and it proved to be a really rewarding walk, even though the weather was not very ‘spring like’.

Here are a couple of shots to show how the flowers and ferns had come on.

Bluebells Revisited

Bluebells RevisitedIt probably was worth waiting for, so I revisited again a few more days later.  I’ll post some more from both this visit and the later one soon.


14 thoughts on “Bluebells Revisited

  1. Love the contrasting trees in the background and that mossy trunk. Looks like they’ve got a little way to go yet – hope you can make it out in good weather to catch them in full bloom. Love the aroma too which you just can’t capture in a photo!


    • It was the mossy trunks and ferns that attracted me. They did have a way to go. This was taken 2 weeks ago now. I have been out again and there will be another post to follow soon. It’s a spot worth revisiting because it is fairly close.


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