More on this Bluebell Year.

A few weeks ago, I posted a rather cynical post on the subject of photographing bluebells.

In this part of the world, last year’s bluebells started to bloom fairly early because of good early Spring weather, but then slowed their development as the warming Spring slowed down.  The result for me was disappointing, with many bluebells past their best while the later ones were still developing.

After failing last year, to get any really good bluebell shots, I had more or less decided not to bother this year.  However, we discovered a piece of woodland that looked to have Bluebell Potential, and that is what led to that first post.  A second post, Bluebells Revisited, followed but again the flowers were not fully developed.  With the very late Spring this year, I wondered whether, when nature did take hold, the bluebell display come suddenly, and be really good.

Contrary to my original intent, I have since visited a couple more times, and it is fair to say that this Bluebell Wood did have potential. My concern now was whether the tree foliage and the ferns on the forest floor would enhance or reduce the quality of the bluebell display as they ‘burst forth’ themselves.  Please decide for yourselves.

This post shows how this woodland has developed over a 19 day period.  The photos were taken on four different occasions, with the first three having been published before.  I have added the dates, so that you can see how the wood changed with time.

6 May 2013

Springtime Woodland11 May 2013

Bluebells RevisitedBluebells Revisited15 May 2013

More BluebellsMore Bluebells25 May 2013

Bluebell WoodBluebell Wood

The viewpoints are obviously not identical, but the general area of the woodland is the same.  My first thoughts were that the ferns would add to the bluebell scene, but in the end, I wonder whether they tended to take over the show.  In the final two shots, the bluebells were pretty much at their peak.

This was an interesting little exercise in a pleasant piece of Dorset woodland.  I took many more photos there, but I think that these perhaps show the best features of this wood.


8 thoughts on “More on this Bluebell Year.

    • Thanks HJ. I’m not usually very good at dedication and persistence, but this woodland was not too far away from home, and the weather has been so bad, that we were looking for excuses to get out for a couple of hours.


    • Thank you. The colour is ‘cool’ in a number of ways, but untill very recently, the weather has been ‘cold’, which may, in turn, be why the colours are ‘cool’.

      The greens and blues which dominate these shots are of course known as cool colours.


  1. So glad your patience was rewarded Dave! The depth of colour when they finally came out is gorgeous. I got my best pics on 12th May. I went back with my daughter on 29th and sadly the show was completely over!


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