A Monochrome Sunset – Daft?

After having a fairly unsuccessful outing a few evenings ago, one photo from which I posted here, I wondered whether a sunset at Ham Hill might be worth a try.  The sun was at least shining, which has been a bit of a novelty this spring.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so didn’t use a tripod, a common mistake for me.  I had a go at a three exposure HDR image without a tripod anyway.  I wasn’t happy with any of the colour images in the end, and accidentally viewed a mono option from the Photomatix Pro presets.  As I thought it was better than any of the colour options that I could produce, I saved it anyway and here it is.

B&W Ham Hill SunsetI think the field in the centre is of blackcurrant bushes.  It was the definition of the rows of blackcurrant bushes in this field that I wanted to include in the image.

Am I daft to shoot a sunset as a monochrome image?  Probably!


17 thoughts on “A Monochrome Sunset – Daft?

    • Thanks for the positive response. I don’t think I am overbound by the rules, or I wouldn’t have posted it, but I’m not that confident with messing around, and I just thought that most people searching for ‘sunset’ would expect and prefer vivid colours. The sunrays were better in mono.


    • Thank you Tricia. Just back from a week in Frigiliana, Andalucia, where we did have sun. It was a bit of a shock to get home to a temperature of 18 deg C today. Wondering whether to give up on a summer in England this year!


  1. I quite like daft, Dave, as opposed to Daft Dave! 🙂 There’s a new black and white challenge at Sonel’s Corner. Have you seen it? I’m featuring it on my blog tomorrow. 🙂


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