We’ve just had a week away on the Costa del Sol, and yes we did see some Sol.  There may be a few photos to prove it soon.

In the meantime, here are a couple of attempts to photograph a rather smart car.

I attended a Yeo Photo Group meeting a couple of days ago.  The idea was to find out how to take decent photos of cars.  The event was very well attended, with a BMW Z4 taking the star role.  The high attendance meant that there were a lot of cars parked around the subject, and a lot of tripods and photogs as well.  For me, this immediately presented the problem, with a well polished car as subject, of reflections.  As usual, except when I am intentionally looking for reflections, I often don’t notice them until inspecting the images on the computer.  Even so, there was a ‘horseshoe’ of cars parked around the BMW and I don’t know how I could have avoided the reflections without shooting from a very much higher or lower position, particularly bearing in mind the multitude of contours of the car body.

Here are a couple of attempts that I made.  The first colour shot has had a little tweaking in Lightroom 4 after the initial RAW conversion was done in DxO pro.  I used DxO Pro for this as it generally does a better job of noise reduction than Lightroom.  On this colour image I have tried to remove some of the unwanted reflections of the other cars using the clone tool in PSE 9, although I think an expert could have done better.  The Lightroom adjustments were of shadows and clarity, plus a graduated filter to boost the clouds a bit.

BMW Z4I used Photomatix to produce the B&W image from 5 shots taken on a tripod.  I couldn’t face trying to do anything to the reflections in this one, indeed, there would have been little point.


Now that I have recognised this problem of reflections, I will have to go back again with our own rather more humble car to take some shots where the only reflections are of the sky and the trees.  Hopefully I will do that soon.


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