Peek-a-Boo: An experiment with Topaz Lens Effects

I’ve never been very competent with Post Processing, and as a result I’ve usually kept my images pretty much as they came out of the camera.  Yes, I have cropped, straightened horizons, tweaked the exposure and contrast a bit, but much beyond that has usually defeated me.  On rare occasions, I have also tried a bit of HDR, usually with disappointing results.  I don’t often go outside Lightroom for my editing.  I not keen on spending too much time sitting at my computer, but sometimes I would like to add a little emphasis or drama to an image, as long as it isn’t too difficult.

Because of recommendations from friends, in a weak moment I bought a bundle of plug-ins from Topaz Labs, hoping that this would ease my way to more satisfying and dramatic photos.  The temptation of a special offer had proved too much!  To be honest, I suspect that I may have wasted my money, because there is still going to be a learning curve for which I may well find that I do not have the time or patience.

This image is a variation of one that I took about 5 years ago, before I bought my first DSLR.  I caught the lamb peering at me from behind this old cannon by Abbotsbury Gardens, in Dorset.  The camera used was a Sony DSC-H1, and it’s small sensor made it difficult to create any real ‘Depth of Field’ blur in an image.  This shot was sharp from front to back, so I thought it might be a good candidate to try Topaz Lens Effects on.  I didn’t try to get too serious with the multitude of tweaks available.  I just used the DOF blur feature and a little vignette, to attempt to bring some focus onto the lamb’s face.  Bearing in mind how little effort I put into this, I think it’s fairly convincing, at least to me.

peek-a-booI know it is nothing fantastic, but it is a start, and with practice???


8 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo: An experiment with Topaz Lens Effects

    • I loose myself Suzanne! I originally bought Lightroom because the PS Elements Organiser couldn’t handle the number of images that I had on my elderly computer. Lightroom was a dream and also did all the simple tweaks that I wanted, It is probably everything that most people would need. I just need (want) to improve my ability to ‘artify’, if there is such a word, my pics a bit. It will probably never happen.


    • Thanks Adrian. If it’s convincing to you, it can’t be too bad. I have a lot of bridge camera outdoor family portrait photos from a while back that I will try this on when I get the chance.


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