Some Spanish Sunshine 1

Having got thoroughly fed up with our British weather this spring, my better half and I decided to spend a June week in and around Frigiliana in Andalucia, Spain. We had not previously been to that area and had seen some positive recommendations for Frigiliana, so off we went.

When we arrived, the weather was sunny – good start.  For the first couple of days, however, there was an unseasonal wind blowing, which took the edge off the temperature a bit.  As we were only there for a week, and we wanted to enjoy the local area, we didn’t travel widely.

This post about our holiday concentrates on the views around the villa that we rented.  We took an early Easyjet flight from Bristol to Malaga, so arrived well before the time that we could install ourselves in the villa.  We detoured to Nerja, to visit a supermarket and pick up essential supplies, but the owners were still busy preparing the villa when we completed our interesting drive into the hills above Frigiliana.  We expected to wait until they had finished, however, they encouraged us to put our food into the fridge and the owner, who was a very keen gardener insisted in giving us a guided tour of all his treasured plants.

Here are a few photos from around his lovely garden.

Actually, the sight of the other side of this ruin was the first thing we saw as we approached the villa down a narrow track.  We wondered whether we might have made a big mistake!  In reality, it was a lovely villa, well equipped and even having free wi-fi.

Ruin and WellThe sign on the far fence in the first photo was the owners inventory of all the trees that he had in his garden and olive grove below.  As already mentioned, the first thing he did was guide me around his garden showing me each of these trees, as well as all the flowers and vegetables that he was cultivating.  I really wonder how he managed to keep his plants so happy and the garden tidy, when he only attended to it on two mornings each week.  As important feature must have been the automatic irrigation system that he used.  Interestingly, he had used his old gardening tools as ornaments around the gardens fence.

Here are a few more photos from around the villa.

PotsOrnamental pots.

Red HibiscusRed Hibiscus.

Yellow HibiscusYellow Hibiscus.

Outdoor DiningLunchtime and evening dining area.  There was another terrace on the east side of the villa, which was best for breakfast, unless you preferred to be down by the pool.

Ornamental WellAnother view of the ornamental well.

Hanging PotHanging ornamental pot.

YuccaYucca.  Much healthier than ours at home.

These are views are of the local area.  Not all were taken from within the villa’s grounds, but they were all from close by.

Frigiliana FramedView towards Frigiliana from the morning terrace.

Across the valleyView of a rather ramshackle small holding across the valley, and yes, I think someone did live there.

Building Work and CactusNew villa build, with Frigiliana in the distance.  Yes, the cactus was really the subject.

View towards FrigilianaView towards Frigiliana.

View towards NerjaView towards Nerja.

The last three shots were taken from a little way down the track which ran past the villa.

I do plan to post some pictures taken from around Frigiliana soon.  Thanks for looking at these and please do come back and have a look at Frigiliana.


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