Frigiliana Chimneys

There is another post from our recent holiday in Frigiliana on its way.  This will contain a series of colour photos, continuing the theme of ‘Some Spanish Sunshine’.  Our visits into Frigiliana were generally in the evening, as the light was beginning to warm up a bit, but before the ‘Golden Hour’.  The white houses, for which Frigiliana is famous, generally still look pretty white in my photos.

I also had a shot that I had taken later, of some chimneys, when the sun had actually dropped out of sight from this part of Frigiliana.  As a result, the scene was beginning to look a little too blue to me.  I wondered whether I could find a B&W treatment that would improve it.  I fiddled around using Topaz B&W and after trying various presets and tweaking them around a little, I prefered this variation to the bluish tint of the colour image.  It is a white house but I think it looks better grey, than blue.  To me, it looks right.

As it doesn’t fit the ‘Some Spanish Sunshine’ theme, here it is, alone.

Frigiliana Chimneys B&W


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