Some Spanish Sunshine 2

In an earlier post, I included some photos from the area around the villa that we stayed at in Andalusia, near Frigiliana.  The real reason for choosing this area for our holiday was that we had heard that Frigiliana was a particularly pretty village.  I certainly attracts its fair share of tourists because it is known for its narrow cobbled streets and white houses.  Our visits tended to be during the evening, when we set out in search of good eating places, so we were not troubled by crowds of tourists at all.  I hope that this post does show what a pretty place it is.

One thought that went through our minds was how fit any elderly residents must be, to be able to handle the very steep steps in the summer temperatures.  There is one, ‘one way’ road, through the centre of the village, but this can surely only handle fairly small vehicles.  This left us also wondering how deliveries are made to houses and businesses.  I suspect that donkeys may be the best means of making deliveries away from that one road.

Frigiliana 24

Frigiliana 23

Frigiliana 22

Frigiliana 21

Frigiliana 20

Frigiliana 19

Frigiliana 18

Frigiliana 17

Frigiliana 16

Frigiliana 15

Frigiliana 14

Frigiliana 11

Frigiliana 10

Frigiliana 9

Frigiliana 8

Frigiliana 7

Frigiliana 6

Frigiliana 5

Frigiliana 4

Frigiliana 3

Frigiliana 2

Frigiliana 1

Frigiliana 13

Frigiliana 12I hope that these photos give some idea of how pretty Frigiliana is.


21 thoughts on “Some Spanish Sunshine 2

  1. You wrote that you “hope these photos give some idea of how pretty Frigiliana is.” Well sir, in my opinion you were successful. And as a photographer, I’ll say that your series works as a whole..and any of the images are perfectly good by themselves.


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