Last night, I was reading this post by Adrian Lewis (aka FATman Photos), where he featured some lovely images of a Peacock Butterfly.  At that time, I hadn’t photographed a Peacock this summer.  Imagine my pleasure this morning, when I glanced out of the kitchen window whilst preparing breakfast, to see a fluttering amongst the plant pots.  Closer inspection showed it to be a Peacock Butterfly.

I dashed off to grab my camera, fit the 70-300 mm lens favoured for butterflies, and rushed outside, hoping that my colourful friend would have waited for me.  There it was, happily sunning itself on a Hosta flower.  Finding a suitable viewpoint was slightly tricky as the Hosta was behind another plant and there was only a fairly narrow angle of view without casting a shadow, which would have spoiled the shot as well as almost certainly frightening the subject away.

It did, however, allow me to take a few shots before fluttering away.  Here is one.

Peacock ButterflyWhat would I have done differently, had I not been in such a hurry?  I would have tried a shot with the ISO doubled to 400, which might have improved the sharpness by overcoming any excitable camera shake.  If it had stayed put, I might have gone for my 50mm macro lens, since this is very sharp.  Could I have got close enough?  That is the question.  Adrian’s shots are both sharper and more varied, so please take a look at them.


13 thoughts on “Peacock

    • We seem to have quite a few here this summer, perhaps because of the awful spring and sudden prolonged (for the UK) hot spell over the last 3-4 weeks. All the flowers have bloomed together.

      I am sure that there are many more exotic butterflies in OZ, so I look forward to seeing some shots of them.


    • Thank you David. In truth, I didn’t make much of an effort, apart from delaying my breakfast by a few minutes. Perhaps, if I had waited, it would have returned, but I was hungry for my Weetabix and cuppa.


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