Frigiliana Doors and Windows

Doors and windows!  Am I alone in my rush to photograph attractive doors and windows whenever I see them?  I don’t think that I am.  Well, our visit to Frigiliana this year, which prompted posts here, here and here, found a few for me to shoot.  There were many more.

While we were walking through the back lanes of the village, the faded flower being used to decorate this window caught my eye.

Door & Windows 1

The blue door to No 37.

Door & Windows 2Green door, what’s that secret you’re keepin’?

Door & Windows 3No 43.

Door & Windows 4No 28.

Door & Windows 6Two doors and a window.

Door & Windows 7Here, it was the passageway leading to the door in the inner courtyard that caught my eye.

Frigiliana 4This was such a pretty little entrance yard.

Frigiliana 20The last two images were also in earlier posts.

I don’t think I have quite finished with Spain yet, so please keep a watch.  Thanks for looking.


13 thoughts on “Frigiliana Doors and Windows

  1. No you’re most certainly not alone in your rush, Dave, definitely not! And I like these photos very much, wonderful colours and quality >>> but the real cruncher for me is the top one, which positively SINGS!!! If I were you, I’d crop a little of the white wall from the right hand side of the shot, and add a similar amount of white wall on the left – but this is a minor thing – its an absolutely beautiful image! Adrian


    • First image quickly recropped in Lightroom. I hope this is what you had in mind. I agree that it is better and don’t really know why I cropped it as I did to start with. Well, actually, I think I do, as I also had to remove some twigs from the lower LH corner. Thanks again for you input Adrian.


  2. Doors and windows are wonderful subjects to photograph – they are like the eyes of a dwelling.

    A lovely series, Dave, and I agree with Adrian about the first image being the best. It’s lovely!

    Started raining here about an hour ago: nice and sweet and fresh 🙂


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