Cobb in the Fog

I took this photo of the Cobb at Lyme Regis because of the sea mist that was rolling in.  It was rather different from other photos that I have taken there previously.  In most of them, there have been too many people, and never any mist.

The Cobb always produces a nice ‘lead in’ to the photo, and in this instance it was leading out to the two lads fishing on the end of the wall, who were partially obscured by the mist.  I wonder though, whether it is a bit of a nonsense to lead in to a point of focus which is actually obscured by mist.  I think it may be.  The small group in the middle distance are clearer, but to me are not as interesting.  I suppose that I should really have tried to make the water ‘milky’ with a long exposure, but as usual, I didn’t have my tripod to hand.

Fog on the Cobb

I have to confess that I am a little disappointed with this image.  The mist hasn’t really provided the degree of mystery that I had hoped for.  Maybe it is the distraction of the moored boats the other side of the sea wall spoils it.  With this in mind, I resorted to Photoshop briefly, to see whether their removal would help, though I did experience a great feeling of guilt as a result.  The next image shows my efforts with the clone tool.

Fog on the Cobb 2The remaining speck on the wall isn’t a bit that I missed.  It is a seagull that I thought deserved to remain.  Has this cloning helped or is it just plain ‘over manipulation’?

Any alternative suggestions on how this image could have been improved are most welcome, as long as they don’t suggest a tripod. 🙂  It is unlikely that I will ever have it with me. 😕

We found ourselves on the Cobb, in the fog, after a long day hiking the Coastal Path west of Lyme Regis.  It was hot during the hike and it was really quite pleasant to spend a little time cooling down at the end of the day as the mist came in.


11 thoughts on “Cobb in the Fog

  1. Interesting topic Dave, I had a go at this and think all you need to do is change to mono and lessen the contrast to make the whole image softer; the stones are the picture as it stands. Of course this is only an opinion.


    • Hi Terry. Although I didn’t admit to it, I did use a grad filter in Lightroom to desaturate the foggy part of the image. I didn’t want to blur the image too much and loose the fishermen and I did want to retain colour in the foreground. I’ll have another look when I get home though. Thanks. Writing this from Costa Coffee. The wonders of smartphones. 🙂


  2. The second shot is a definite improvement, Dave, but – please! – don’t go down the Guilt Road!!! Adhere to the philosophy that it matters not one jot what you’ve done to any image as long as the end product looks good – which this does! There’s no such thing as over manipulation – the end, if worthwhile, always justifies the means.

    The single thing to avoid, the great no-no, is to try and claim that a manipulated image is straight out of the camera.

    And the ‘milky’ water has been done so many times that I think it a cliché. And, please, no jetties or wooden posts sticking up out of the milkiness! Just the thought makes me need a stiff snifter …

    However, what about a mono version, with contrast bumped up a bit?

    Good picture, Dave – and one from a part of the world I’m deeply in love with. Adrian


  3. I really like the composition and colours here and the way the pink-buff coloured cobb slices through the two layers of blue. I admire your clever cloning of the boats and I think the second version works better because of it.

    Again, I agree with Adrian about the ‘milky’ water.


  4. I think I like the first shot better as it seems to have more balance to my eye. Both, however, give a sense of isolation and bleakness and I love the curve of the Cobb drawing the eye out to sea…


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