More Cobb in the Fog

Thank you to those of you who have already made constructive comments about my Cobb in the Fog post.  There was some suggestion that the image may respond well to a mono treatment.  I have, therefore, revisited the image and here are a couple more interpretations.  I obviously haven’t spent long on this effort, in fact I have largely used the presets available in Lightroom.

This first image has simply been produced using the Blue Filter Hi Contrast preset in Lightroom.Fog on the Cobb 2 - (Blue Hi Contrast)The second image was made using the Split Tone 1 preset and adding an Inverse Grad Filter with some increased clarity in the foreground.

Fog on the Cobb 2 - (LR Split Tone 1 + Inverse Clarity Grad)I think that I prefer the second of these, however I do expect some differences of opinion from readers.  I’m very happy to hear them.

It further occurs to me that I have now got a Topaz bundle, which may well offer some further potential for playing with this image.  First though, I have some learning to do. 😕


16 thoughts on “More Cobb in the Fog

  1. I think the 2nd treatment helps but the devil in the detail at the front affects the viewing of the whole picture, I think this image is all about atmosphere.


  2. I like both of these, Dave. I think it works very well in monochrome but I also like the treatment you’ve given it in the second version. Actually – having looked at them both again – I think the second one edges it because the inside of the wall is lighter and more defined.


    • Thank you M. You have confirmed my original choice. I’m certainly getting a variety of views on these last two posts, as expected! I’m tempted to try some more options, but I think I had better give it a rest for a while.


  3. Hello, Dave >>> great to see this in mono! But I’m going to disagree with M and say that I certainly prefer the first image – and if it were me, I would most probably increase the contrast still further, increase the structure (if Lightroom can do that), and also darken the image.

    I might also crop about half of the sky out, to concentrate attention more firmly on the further reaches of the mole and the people sat there – all 3 of whom are already more prominent due to the use of mono.

    What I’m heading for is very Minimalist of course and may well not be to your (or M’s!) tastes – mea culpa! 😉 I wouldn’t mind if the distant structure in the side of the Cobb was lost, if it became just a black-sided claw reaching out into the sea. Adrian


    • Hello Adrian. Thanks for your further comments on these Cobb pictures. I’ve found it jolly difficult to decide just how far to take the processing. My initial wish had been to try to capture the mist which enveloped the end of the Cobb wall and the lads who were fishing there. I found that without a little help, the image was too clear, so a graduated filter was applied to ‘fog’ the top of the picture a bit more. If I remember correctly, this was mainly some clarity reduction and also a little desaturation of the top third of the original colour version. In the second, mono post, the first image tried to respond to your advice, but I was unsure how far to take it. The second image was a bit of an accident, which I quite liked. I felt that it was a little more atmospheric, perhaps what I was originally after, and I could still just see the fishermen in the mist.

      I think that readers may well have suffered enough of the Cobb for the moment, but I will spend some more time on the image, and maybe, when everyone has had time to recover, I will share my further efforts. Thanks again for your excellent advice.


      • “The Arty Engineer” – there could be another blog there, Dave! Dotty as I am, I have an urge to advise you, in times of great stress, to sit in a darkened room clutching your sliderule >>> but as a one time geologist, I’m not sure I can claim any arty pedigree either. Mind you, if you’re really pursuing arty, maybe your blog should be called something like “Images, by David” – think you could weather that??? 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Ok, I’ve paid close attention here, Dave, just to prove I can. I agree that the original Cobb doesn’t ‘say’ much, though normally I shout up for colour over B & W. The top one of these is better, in my opinion, but I wouldn’t set much store by that if I were you. You really needed a bit more mist, but then you probably wouldn’t have been able to see the shot.
    Helpful, aren’t I ? 🙂


  5. Thanks for your close attention Jo. I knew you could 🙂 and I appreciate it. The picture didn’t come up to my expectations because the mist had started to disperse by the time I made it from the Pub to the Cobb. We had needed to eat! I did my best, using my humble (poor) post processing skils, to reinstate it, and these were the best I could do. I could have done with it being a bit more foggy.


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