Wind Power

I seem to have seen quite a few photos of Wind Turbines recently.  I find their statuesque form to be very attractive.  At the moment, we don’t have any large wind turbine arrays nearby.  However, we do have quite a few smaller turbines, and these do have one characteristic not seen on the large turbines.  This is the ability to introduce motion blur into a photograph at hand held shutter speeds.

In this image I had to hide the sun behind the pylon but I thought that the end result was quite effective.

Wind Power

I thing the title ‘Wind Power’ is particularly apt in this instance because this wind turbine is situated with some others, at Osprey Key, Portland, Dorset.  This is adjacent to the National Sailing Academy, where the Olympic Sailing was held in 2012.  What better form of Wind Power than that used by sailing boats?  It is also interesting to note that Portland Harbour was the original venue for World Sailing Speed Record attempts back in 1972.


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