Rebus and a Rainbow

I have already posted a couple of shots from my recent visit to the South West Deer Study Centre.  They were of the Centre’s biggest Red Deer Stag called Jack and can be found here and here.

They have another, slightly smaller, Red Deer Stag called Rebus.  This is a shot of him grazing, with a rainbow in the background.  I waited patiently for him to raise his head for the portrait that I wanted, but he didn’t cooperate.  He was obviously much too hungry, or maybe he was looking for the ‘pot of gold’.  I couldn’t hang around or I would have lost touch with the rest of the group and, heaven forbid, missed the ‘interview’ with Jack.  Sorry Rebus.

Rebus RainbowThank you to anyone who has taken a look.  Please keep an eye out for more to come.


10 thoughts on “Rebus and a Rainbow

    • Sad to hear that you missed it Jo. Rainbows are elusive and don’t last long. This was the very best angle that I could get. I would have loved to have the stag more into the centre of the arch with his head up, but there was a fence in the way.


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