Two Lights

This is another shot from Maine.  It was taken from a spot on the rocks near to the Two Lights State Park, just south of Portland.  It’s not far from the Portland Lighthouse, seen in an earlier post.

Out to Sea
Tourists looking out to sea from the rocks close to the Two Lights State Park, Maine

I think what took me about these rocks, was their similarity to some of the slate found in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where we had recently enjoyed a short holiday.  I haven’t really captured the rather wild elements of the weather that can be found here, even though it was quite breezy.  If you look closely though, just to the left of the couple on the rocks, you will spot that the image is a little blurred.  It wasn’t a camera problem.  It was actually a mist caused by the spray blowing off the crests of the surf.  Honest!

Maybe I will manage to get a few more images from Pembrokeshire posted soon.  One, of St Davids Cathedral can be found here.

More images of Maine can be found under Recent Posts or by using the search button.

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