Christmas is coming at Stourhead

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to any followers of my humble Blog.  Thanks for keeping one eye on my posts, even though there haven’t exactly been many in recent months.  I’m still here, and hopefully will keep blogging through 2014.

This post covers a winter day out at Stourhead, Wiltshire.  It was one of our regular walks with our friends Annie and Roy, and in spite of dodgy weather forecasts, we got it right.  The sun shone while we walked in the gardens and the rain held off until we were in the house.  I rate that as a success.

After a quick coffee, we started our walk, taking the higher route towards the Obelisk.  We can get lost anywhere, and failing to see the obvious route back towards the lake, we took to the woods.  This diversion did provide the benefit of spotting some nice fungi on the way back to the lake.  By the lake, we spotted a Rhododendron which was partially in flower, obviously confused by the weather.  We completed our anticlockwise walk around the lake before returning to the cafe for a snack lunch.

After lunch we had time for a quick look around the house.  Only about half of the normal complement of rooms were open, but these were displaying Christmas cheer through the ages.  Each room had its own Christmas Tree, decorated as it would have been in different eras.  A few snaps were taken to demonstrate how Stourhead had embraced Christmas.

As it had stopped raining again, we decided to take a quick look at King Alfred’s Tower, before driving home.  Apparently, the tower contains about 1.2 million bricks.  More information can be found here.

Have a good Christmas everyone and please come back to take another look when you have time.  I will try to increase the rate of posts in the New Year.


11 thoughts on “Christmas is coming at Stourhead

    • Thank you M. And to you and yours. We are currently waiting on whether our youngest will make it home from London tonight. Trains fdrom Waterloo have been cancelled, but there is still a chance via Paddington. Otherwise a long drive may be required tonight or early tomorrow.


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