Abstract 1

This week, our Camera Club held a ‘member’s evening’ where the subject was Abstract Photography.  Thanks to Jane, there were lots of ‘props’ that could be used to generate ‘abstract’ images.  Attending members were able to circulate, and attempt to produce some abstract photographic art. I’m not much af an artist, so didn’t expect to do very well, but one object immediately suggested itself as a good place to start. Before I show the resultant image, I thought I had better check on what Abstract Photography actually is.  A very quick search with Google found this definition.  It seems that shape, form, colour, pattern and texture are important.  I think I have ticked some, but not all of the boxes with this effort and I did quite like the sense of confusion that it gave.wpid-20140106-_1060081.jpgOf course, some of the enjoyment of viewing abstract images, for me at least, is trying to work out what the image is a part of.  Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it isn’t.  I guess it depends on whether you have seen one recently.  No clues at this stage, but I may post another image of the same object soon.  All may be revealed then.


6 thoughts on “Abstract 1

  1. I don’t care what it is, Dave, I just think that you’ve done a very good job here, and I think that the pinkish tinges lift it considerably! So, you’re artier than you thought, a real epiphany >>> have you had any thoughts about burning your slide rule yet …. ??? …. 🙂 …. just asking …


    • Thanks Adrian. To me, it was an obvious choice of subject and the result was what I wanted to achieve. I don’t think that the shots which will follow in the next couple of posts are as satisfying. I’m still not arty, and though I use electronic calculators rather than the sliderule, when the brain can’t hack it, I may have found another use for the old sliderule. Watch this space! It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly to burn it anyway.


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