Abstract 2

In my last post, I presented an abstract image that I produced earlier this week.  Since nobody has offered a suggestion of what the object was, here is another image of it.  Today’s image is obviously of the same object, and the texture of the foreground material may make it a little easier to judge what it is, or at least what type of object it may be.  I don’t, however, like it as an abstract image, as much as the previously posted one.

wpid-20140106-_1060080.jpgThere is one more post of this object to come before I say what it is.  Fancy a guess?


6 thoughts on “Abstract 2

  1. Its not the case for your slide rule, is it? Just asking … I agree, I prefer the first version, with those wonderful pinks – here they’re in the background, and they deserve more prominence. Adrian


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