Abstract 3

This post is the final one with abstract images of this object.  The previous ones can be seen here and here.

Like the last two, this next image is also a colour image, but in this case I lit the subject with a LED light.  The extra light has concentrated attention on the closest surface of the object and put the rest into shadow.

wpid-20140106-_1060084.jpgAs it looked like a B&W image, I thought that I might as well make it completely B&W, to see whether it was any more appealing.

wpid-20140106-_1060084.jpgIt wasn’t and I still prefer the version in the Abstract 1 post.

I promised that I would reveal what the object was.  On Facebook, Jane described it as ‘her little metal ornament’, which she only brought to the session as an afterthought.  I’m glad she did.  In fact it was an ornament representing a cat, with a ‘wobbly’ head on a spring.  It will never catch mice Jane, so I’m glad we found another use for it.

I also promise that this was the last shot of the ‘cat’.


2 thoughts on “Abstract 3

  1. This is great, Dave! I agree with you about liking your first abstract more than your second – but this is certainly good too! I prefer the upper one here because, although it looks like mono, it isn’t quite – and that’s a feature I’ve seen in quite a few successful photos. If this were my photo, I think I’d reduce the highlight on the left just a bit, because for me it takes a little bit too much attention away from the rest of the image. Adrian


    • Thanks Adrian. I can certainly see where you are coming from with your comment about the highlight on the left. Perhaps it is a little less evident in the lower, B&W version. I did wonder whether, if I reduced it a bit, then the image might look a bit ‘flat’, but perhaps that would still be better. I’ll take another look.


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