After the Storms

I took an opportunity yesterday, to take a look at how the recent floods of the Somerset Levels were receding.  There is still a lot of water around.

I only had time to look at a limited area around Ashcott and between Greylake and Burrow Bridge.  The shots that were taken at ‘flood level’ are from dry land, on or close to the A361.  I also took a few looking south from the ridge which runs east from The Pipers Inn.

No more words.  Just a few photos.  Click on any image to start a slide show.

Sorry if this is just a drop too much water!


14 thoughts on “After the Storms

  1. Good pictures, Dave – the land (or water, just now) where my heart is! I gather that the government are at long last thinking about re-starting dredging of the major rivers esp the Parrett but, longer term, I do wonder how long the Levels have as dry land. Adrian


    • If sea levels rise as predicted Adrian, then there seems a certain inevitability that they will return to long term flooding. Apparently, from friends who live on the levels, there is quite some difference of opinion as to whether the dredging will help much. To me, it seems logical that it will help, at least for a while.


  2. A lovely set of images, Dave. I particularly like the way you have captured the golden light on the reeds. I also like the trees featured with the low sun; lovely colours.

    I was on a longish train ride on Thursday travelling through Wiltshire, Hampshire, and West Sussex, and the amount of flooding was incredible. So many fields were waterlogged. I would have liked to have stopped the train in order to get off and photograph it but I don’t think the other passengers would have been pleased 😉


    • I think it will be quite a long time Jo. These pictures were taken on 11 January and my last post was from a visit on 20 Feb, when I estimated that the water level was about 2 inches (50mm) higher. Each of the recent ‘occasional’ periods of rain seems to yield another 20mm or so and this seems to be just enough to keep the water level up.


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