Pollarded Willows

It was another of those rather rare, nice sunny days, yesterday and another brief tour onto the Somerset Levels seemed appropriate.  We decided to take a quick look to see what Westhay Moor looked like after the storms.  To be honest, it didn’t look very different to usual.  During the tour, I spotted this row of pollarded willows and thought that there might be a photo in them.


A careful look at the road surface shows quite well the common feature of roads in this part of Somerset, that is the subsidence, which I guess is caused by the continual soaking and drying of the peat on which they are built.

If you have missed them, and are interested, photos from my last two visits to the floods on the Somerset Levels can be found here and here.


8 thoughts on “Pollarded Willows

  1. Lovely picture, Dave – and I think I know where this is – isn’t it just along the road from that old turnpike house, not far from that nice café/tearooms? This farm has beautiful Ruby Red Devon cows.

    Did you get over to Tealham and Tadham Moors, which are just west of this shot? I’m wondering if they’re underwater. Adrian


    • Thanks Adrian. Yes, I you have the location correct. It is the road leading to the Westhay Moor Nature Reserve, from the B3151. I don’t get there very often and haven’t visited Tadham or Tealham Moors at all. When I was last around Westhay, the floods didn’t seem too bad, at least compared to the Levels further south, around Greylake. They may well have risen since though. I must go and take a look at your favourite stomping ground some time, perhaps soon. Dave


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