Robin Redbreast

I know that Robins are one our most friendly birds, at least where humans are concerned, but this little chap ‘tweeted’ to attract my attention as I was walking past him, just a couple of feet away.  He then continued to sit there as I took a few portraits of him.  This was in the Nothe Gardens at Weymouth a couple of days ago.

Here’s one for the Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend.


I also met a Grey Squirrel that day, who climbed my leg, but as I didn’t have any spare nuts he didn’t hang around for long enough for a photo.

9 thoughts on “Robin Redbreast

    • Thank you David. He was a bit of a poser, so made it fairly easy. Although he was very close, I didn’t want to push my luck too much when moving around him to take the shots, so I did need to crop it a bit. Taken with Olympus 12-60 at 60 mm.


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