Lyme Regis – Tough Guy!

A rubbish photo, snapped on the Cobb in February, on a day when the sun came out for a while.  It was a nice day, but still pretty chilly.  I confess, that the couple was decapitated because I snapped the shot without raising the camera from my side.  I thought that I would post it like this, because the young man might, in later life, end up being embarrassed if he was identified.  His young lady was much more appropriately attired.  I’m not a fan of ‘flip flops’ at best, and the damaged cobbles in the Cobb (see a future post) will have made this footwear potentially hazardous for this outing.  I hope he didn’t hurt his toes!

wpid-20140216-_2160024.jpgStill, this vision may help us think of Spring, which should be here soon! 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone.


15 thoughts on “Lyme Regis – Tough Guy!

  1. It always puzzles me why a certain type of young man parades around in the midst of winter in shorts and T-shirt. It must be a Macho thing signalling ‘I am tough’, pity they don’t realize that most of us think they are plain daft.


    • I certainly agree with you. Whether it’s a ‘macho thing’, or possibly just a need to ‘be noticed’, I’m not sure. I guess that there isn’t much difference. Perhaps it is something to do with the lousy weather that we have had this winter, and a desire to ‘will summer on us’. I have often noticed, that as soon as the sun comes out, a lot of youngsters, girls included, break out their T-shirts and flip-flops. I know that on this day, I felt very comfortable in my ‘proper shoes’ and winter parka.


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