Lyme Regis – Leaving Harbour

I was attracted by the colourful sail of this catamaran leaving Lyme Regis harbour, just as the sky was darkening as the next weather system started to appear from the west.  It was still fairly calm in the bay, so this boat and the paddleboarder on the right, should have enjoyed some pleasant time during the remainder of the afternoon.  As the sun disappeared, we thought that it was time to walk back up to the car and head home.



10 thoughts on “Lyme Regis – Leaving Harbour

    • Thanks Jo. There had been a nice blue sky, but the clouds were slowly building in the west and I couldn’t find any for this composition. It was also too early for a sunset. We needed to go home and get some supper. 🙂


  1. Dave, this is a lovely photo – of course I know the place well, and its a favourite place of mine – but what really lifts this post I think are your words – the way you’ve talked about the scene – your words and the picture really come together. Adrian


    • Thank you Adrian. I didn’t expect much favourable comment on this on, indeed, somebody said to me, “why comment on the colourful sail – I can hardly see it?”. Maybe they needed to be there to appreciate it. It’s just as well that I have you and a few others to keep my morale up. 🙂


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