Lyme Regis – After the Storms

On a recent fine day, we decided to visit Lyme Regis, to see how it had weathered the storms.  Online and on television, I had seen many images of huge waves breaking over the Cobb, but I had not been able to visit at that time.  I took a few shots during this visit, and this post shows some images depicting the damage that needs to be cleared up and repaired.

The first image has already appeared in an earlier post, but I have included it again, to show how calm and peaceful Lyme Regis can be.  To be fair, the other images don’t really show how violent the weather has been, unless you already know Lyme Regis quite well.

The second image in the series shows where large stones and cobbles have been completely lifted from the Cobb road out to where the fishing boats moor to unload their catches.  This is on the inside of the sea wall, adjacent to a very sheltered harbour.  This demonstrates just how badly the storm was felt, even within the harbour.

The next three images show the degree by which the large pebbles of Monmouth Beach, have been washed over the sea wall onto the Cobb approach road, and even into the harbour.  It may not look much, but it really does show the power of the storm.

After this come a couple of images showing the debris that has been washed up on the normally pristine Town Beach.

The final image shows where the protective pepples further along the Town Beach have been washed over the Cart Road along the sea front.

As can be seen, the damage will require some clearing up, but by comparison to the damage in many seaside areas along our coast, it doesn’t seem too bad.  This stands testament to how effective the Cobb at Lyme Regis really is as a sea defence.


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