Portland Bill – Bike Trials 1

Last Saturday, while Dee was shopping in Weymouth with her friend Susanne, I headed for Portland Bill to take a few photos.  It was a lovely day, which made me think that Spring had arrived.  The downside was clear blue skies, which were not ideal for photography.  When I arrived, I started with a few regular shots of the area but I wasn’t inspired.  I was about to give up and move on, when I spotted three young men riding bikes over the large rocks in the area west of the lighthouse.  I watched them for a few minutes and thought that just maybe there were a few photos to be had.  Having asked whether they would mind I started firing off a few frames. Their names were Neil, Bo and Nick, and they were practising the skills needed for the sport of Bike Trials, much like the Motorcycle Trials that I used to watch when I was much younger.  The idea is that the only thing that should touch the ‘ground’ when riding over obstacles is the tyres of the bike. I was impressed and spent a while firing off about 150 shots before realising that I needed to go and collect Dee and her friend.  Rather than bore you with a whole series of shots in one post, I’ll pick just a few at a time.  Sometimes things were happening so fast that I had trouble keeping up and framing correctly.  None of the shots were posed. First a couple of shots showing Nick getting some air under his tyres.

There will be more posts in this series so Bo and Neil will have their time.  Please come back and take a look.


One thought on “Portland Bill – Bike Trials 1

  1. Spring certainly arrived last weekend – what a treat. But since then despite High Pressure we seem to be back to grey nothingness, it feels like the wrong variety of High Pressure!


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