Culbone Panorama, North Somerset

There has been a lot of attention to the Somerset Levels of late.  Well, not all of Somerset is flat, and below sea level.  Last Thursday, we set off on one of our fairly regular walks with our good friends Annie and Roy.  We normally try to follow the weather and the forecast suggested that there would be more sunshine on the north coast, than there would be on the coast of Dorset, so the decision was taken to drive to Porlock Weir and do what was described as a 6 mile circular walk, with some steep inclines.  We started with a quick snack in the pub, and then set out for Culbone Church, which I’ll cover in another post.  After that, we decided that we had enough car parking time to complete the circuit so off we went, climbing nearly continuously.  Thankfully, there wasn’t quite as much sunshine as forecast and the weather was very pleasant for walking.  The sun did shine for this panorama, which was taken from Culbone Hill, at an altitude of about 1250 ft.  Our walk peaked out at just over 1300 ft before we started to descend.

wpid-Culbone_Panorama1.jpgThere were several times on this walk where we thought that we wouldn’t make it within our car parking time, but we did, with about 4 minutes to spare.

The panorama is an accumulation of 9 images, stitched in Photoshop.  As always, a blog post can’t really do justice to a panorama, but with enlargement, the coast of Wales can be seen very clearly.  One feature of this walk was that we saw a truly huge number of sheep with very young lambs, some of which I am sure were new born on that day.  The field on the right is full of sheep without lambs.  Although not visible without enlargement, the fields in the centre, and further down, were where the ewes with their lambs were.

When we arrived back at Porlock Weir, we decided that this hike was probably enough for a couple of septuagenarians and their wives.  The muscles were certainly aching.  Maybe I should return to walking the Somerset Levels. 🙂

I’ll try to post about Culbone Church soon, so please keep a look out.


9 thoughts on “Culbone Panorama, North Somerset

  1. It has to be good fortune to not have the mist limiting the view, the time of year helps as the heat in summer nearly always puts too much moisture in the air. Looking forward to the next instalment.
    A feet of endurance well done.


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    • It was tougher than we expected Adrian. Thanks for your kind words, but this panorama isn’t a patch on the landscapes that you produce. I have recently been thinking about printing panoramas. I think that my humble A4 printer will print up to 24 inches long, but I’ve never done it yet. Maybe I will do an experiment.


  3. What a wonderful sight. Those rolling green hills with grazing sheep fill one’s soul with joy and contentment. Sounds like the walk was a bit tough – but satisfying!


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