Dave’s Summer Snaps

This week, our Camera Club had ‘a member’s evening’.  As it was early in the new winter season, we were asked to produce short slide shows showing what we had been up to during the summer.  Happily, there were more than enough presentations, so mine was not required.  Just as well really, since it wasn’t very imaginative.  Having gone to the trouble to produce it though, I thought that I might as well publish it as a blog post.


Here are a few of the places that I have snapped this summer.

To me, summer starts in May. So here are a few snaps taken between May and September. They’re not my best photos from this summer. They’re just a few random snaps pulled from my Lightroom archive showing some of the places that I have visited.

My wife and I went to Cyprus for a week. It rained non stop for 24 hours while we were there, but I still managed a few snaps. Here is one of Archbishop Makarios, way up in the clouds in the Trudos Mountains.

wpid-20140511-_5110115.jpgOne of a ruined village snapped on the way back to base.

wpid-20140511-_5110137.jpgThe weather improved just before we came home! (This was at Latchi)

wpid-20140513-_5130176.jpgIn mid May, we visited friends in Nottingham, and whilst there we went to the Derwent Valley, where the Dam Busters practised.  This is a stitched panorama of the reservoir that they used for practise.

wpid-Derwent-Valley_Panorama1.jpgWe also visited the Papplewick Pumping Station. This is their workshop, which is a bit tidier than mine.


We also took a stroll by the River Trent.

wpid-20140519-_5190249.jpgIn June, we tried Greece for a coach tour. The weather was better than Cyprus, but not always great. I also had a fall and damaged my camera on the first day. Elastoplast held it together for the rest of the holiday.

We saw the sun. (this was at Volos)

wpid-20140607-_6070113.jpgWe visited museums (lots of them, all over the place).

wpid-20140608-_6080293.jpgAnd ruins. (This was on the way up to the Acropolis in Athens)

wpid-20140606-_6060067.jpgAnd churches.

wpid-20140608-_6080240.jpg wpid-20140612-_6120769.jpgSaw statues.

wpid-20140609-P1010143.jpgAnd mountains.

wpid-20140611-P1010356.jpgAnd bridges.

wpid-20140610-_6100521.jpgAnd lakes. (This was at Ioannina)

wpid-20140611-_6110693.jpgAnd monasteries at Meteora.


wpid-20140613-_6130841.jpgBack at home in June, we visited Lyme Regis (when the tide was out).

wpid-20140617-_6170006.jpgWe went to a Speed Hillclimb at Gurston Down (actually, we went a couple of times).

wpid-20140622-P6223933.jpgWe’ve been out on the Somerset Levels.

wpid-20140624-P6244519.jpgWe were at the Merryfield Open Evening.  This is a local RNAS training airfield.

wpid-20140625-P6254579.jpgIn July I spent an evening in Weymouth.

wpid-20130113-P1130091.jpgIn August we went to Portland several times. I love St George’s Church.

wpid-20140810-_8100049.jpgTo RSPB Arne several times.These aren’t birds but the birds kept moving!

wpid-20140813-_8130029.jpgWe also went for a walk which took in Iford Manor Gardens.

wpid-20140820-_8200086.jpgAnd Henstridge Wings & Wheels. These two should really have been in a Derwent Valley photo. Photoshop maybe?

wpid-20140823-_8230056.jpgWe were in Pembrokeshire last week, where we:

Saw some misty mornings over the water. (Cleddau Estuary)

wpid-20140905-_9050002.jpg wpid-20140905-_9050004.jpg wpid-20140905-_9050005.jpgWatched the sun set over Skomer Island. (from Martin’s Haven)

wpid-20140830-_8300057.jpgWalked some of the coast opposite Milford Haven. (Gas Tanker unloading, taken from Angle).  Another stitched panorama.

wpid-Milford-Haven_Panorama1.jpgWent to some lovely beaches. (This one is at Little Haven).

wpid-20140830-_8300012.jpgPlayed with a ‘cheapo’ chinese fisheye lens. (Near Little Haven and the Cleddau Bridge)

wpid-20140830-_8300018.jpg wpid-20140831-P8310091.jpg Met an Artist. (at Carew Castle. He was painting the Castle and the Tidal Mill)

wpid-20140905-_9050052.jpg wpid-20140905-_9050055.jpgOh, and we also did a few jobs around the house and garden!

That was some of our summer.

I hope that I will soon be able to start posting a little more frequently.  Please keep an eye open.




9 thoughts on “Dave’s Summer Snaps

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  2. I find that engineers seem to produce photographs from a different perspective than most people. I would estimate a good 65%+ of engineers who pursue photography have a certain trait that gives away their former profession. I know this because my parents were both engineers and enjoyed photography. Anyway, I find your photographs very interesting and well done. I look forward to more in the future. P.S What kind of engineer are you? I want to know if I guessed correctly.


    • Thanks for the (kind?) comment. As an engineer, I sometimes think that I lack ‘artistic’ talent, but I try to work on it. The photos in this post definately do not even pretend to be artistic. They merely fulfilled a Camera Club request for some words about what we had done with our cameras during this last summer, which was not very productive for me anyway.

      I’m retired now, but worked in Aerospace (Helicopter Development) during my working life. What did you guess?


      • Oh, your interpretation of my comment is incorrect. It is meant in a positive way. You see, I enjoy an engineer’s perspective in photography; as for the lack of creativity I found none. As a matter of fact the angles in which some of your photographs are taken are very creative. I believe angles and lighting contribute most to what people call, “Creativity”. I find that a photo of a deer in the woods is boring; however, when the photo is near eye level with the animal and the deer is looking around a tree, that is a captivating photo! 🙂


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