Weymouth Speed Week – 2

I’ve taken a couple of trips to Portland Harbour in the last week, to see what was going on during Weymouth Speed Week.  The first visit was a lovely sunny day, with a mild, but strong wind.  Ideal for the Speed Trials I would think.

I posted a few shots in Weymouth Speed Week – 1, but those were only a quick selection to prove that I had attended.  It is time that I posted a few more.  I have a few just about reasonable shots, though none are great when I compare them with the efforts of a few others that I know.  Here are the first ten in a little slide show.  Open it by clicking on the first image and then view them at your own speed.

There were a number of things that struck me about these speed trials.  The first was the apparent chaos on the water.  I was surprised that there were no serious accidents, with these sailboards and kite surfers thrashing backwards and forwards, reaching across the prevailing wind.  I was also impressed that many of the competitors could reasonably be described as quite ‘mature’.  I suppose that I was a little disappointed that there were not more of what could be described as ‘sailing boats’, but that is how it is today.  Wind surfers and kite surfers rule as far as speed is concerned.

I’m probably going to bore you by posting a some more shots from the Speed Week over the coming days.  I hope that you can stand coming back to see them.


2 thoughts on “Weymouth Speed Week – 2

  1. A once keen windsurfer, regretting I didn’t get the chance to kite surf when I might still have been able to Dave, I’ll certainly be coming back over the coming days. A very nice gallery!


    • Thanks Adrian. I used to race dinghies for many years and I have tried windsurfing a couple of times. I didn’t get on very well with the windsurfing, but my heart was really in racing my Marauder, so probably didn’t give it a chance. What strikes me is just how fast these boards are these days.


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