Fisheye Fun – 2

During a recent visit to the National Trust property of Kingston Lacy, I decided to keep the fisheye on the camera during the entire time spent in the house.  Again, I had trouble keeping my fingers and thumbs out of the picture, but it was an interesting opportunity to see much more of the rooms in each image.

The Samyang lens is an ‘all manual’ lens, so focusing can be a bit of a challenge when operating ‘hand held’, especially as, at that time, I hadn’t worked out how to use the very useful ‘focus peaking’ facility of the Olympus E-M1 with manual lenses.  I have now found out how to do this so hopefully my fisheye shots will improve.

I thought that this round dining table might make a good subject, which couldn’t really be fully appreciated with any other lens.  A pity about the headless and bodyless people, but it was fairly busy and it wasn’t really possible to clear the rooms.





6 thoughts on “Fisheye Fun – 2

  1. Excellent picture, Dave, and don’t worry about the people – you often need to get in very close with a fisheye to exclude everything! And your idea of keeping the lens on your camera throughout the visit is a very good one – its good to have a really good look around when you have a fisheye, as good photos can pop up from the most unexpected places – its a whole different way of seeing. Adrian


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