Weymouth Speed Week – 6

Sorry, but this series has stalled a bit while we were away for a short break.  We’re back, so I’ll bore you with a few more of the multitude of shots taken during the Speed Week.

In the last post of this series. I provided links to the Weymouth Speed Week website, where a lot more information on the event could be found.

I have still more images for a couple more posts but, you will be glad to hear that I am nearly finished.

While I was poking around on the Speed Week website, I was reminded of some of the boats that were competing for the Sailing Speed Record back in 1972.  In those first few years, large ‘multihull’ boats dominated the competition  In that year, ‘Crossbow I’ took the record with a speed of 26.3 knots.  ‘Crossbow I’ was built in a ‘proa‘ configuration and was 60 feet long.  A photo of ‘Crossbow I’ can be found at Dave Culp Speed Sailing, together with photos of some of the other boats from that era.  If anyone comes across any other images of this boat, I would love you to let me know.

Just one more post should finish this series.  I hope you will check it out.


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