Problem Uploading Images from Lightroom to WordPress Media Library.

I’m struggling at the moment.  My old brain is just not up to the job.  I have spent many hours over the last day or two, trying to understand what has gone wrong.  I’m posting here, in the hope that some clever WordPress user can help me.  Here is the background:

For many months, I have been exporting my images directly from Lightroom to my WordPress Media Library using the ‘Dossier de Presse’ plugin.  It has given me a very simple, and reliable tool.  I stopped working a couple of days ago, producing the following onscreen message:

‘An internal error has occurred: Invalid at the top level of the document.’.

I had not knowingly made any changes to the set up of this plugin because it had been working perfectly.  The only thing that I had done, was update my Lightroom installation to V 5.7 and initially, I wondered whether this could have introduced the problem.  I don’t, however believe this to be the case because I have a second WordPress blog under production, and I can still export to this using exactly the same plugin procedure.

I’ve tried as far as I am able, to look for any differences between process used on the two ‘blogs’.  I’m thinking about going back to ‘calling’ the images from Flickr, which is how I started, but don’t want to do this because I can’t set up ‘galleries’ within posts using that method.

If anyone can help, using terminology that this old man can understand, then I would be most grateful.  In the meantime, I’ll look at other alternatives to try to keep this blog rolling.



5 thoughts on “Problem Uploading Images from Lightroom to WordPress Media Library.

  1. Hi Dave
    I find that ‘saving as’ pictures to a desktop file is the simplest place to put pics for transfer it also means the separate files can be stored for easy access if like your ‘speed’ blog you come and go often.


    • Hi Terry. Thanks for the suggestion. I understand that this is what works for you. I have various ‘work arounds’ but what I liked about the Dossier de Presse plugin, was that I didn’t need to save yet another file on my computer. Lightroom provided complete control of the exported file into the ‘ether’ in my WordPress Media Library. I just want to know why it is ‘broken’.


  2. If it works on one account but not the other, it would seem to point to a difference between the accounts, perhaps a good place to start would be comparing all settings between the two, apart from that, no idea 🙂 Erm, I am guessing that you still have space on the blog?


    • Thanks for the advice. My own thoughts exactly. Within my ability, I have compared the settings between the two blogs and I can’t see any difference, though I know there must be something. Perhaps it is the way that I have the two blogs configured, but at the moment I can’t see why. For the moment, I have a work around.

      Yes, plenty of space.

      Thanks again for the response.


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