Fisheye Fun – 3

This is another shot from October’s trip to Kingston Lacy and as I said in an earlier post, I hadn’t mastered ‘focus peaking’ with a third party, manual lens at that time.  This shows up very clearly in this shot, which I only took to see how the lens behaved as a ‘closeup’ lens.  It was also a pretty slow shutter speed so the lack of sharpness isn’t really a surprise.  Perhaps the lack of DOF was, but I’m learning from these ‘cockups’.  Now I know how to drive it, things can only get better.




2 thoughts on “Fisheye Fun – 3

  1. Dave, I like this photo! Having that great, stern face looming out of the frame at me – bit like looking in the bathroom mirror some mornings really – and then with its body rapidly attenuating backwards, and all the distortion in the backdrop – and the colours too are good >>> good stuff, my friend! And the lack of DOF – the slight lack of DOF – is good, as having the backdrop a little soft serves to makes that stern face loom even more out towards me! You wouldn’t want it all pinsharp! Stop worrying about technicalities and just enjoy taking the pics!!!! Adrian


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