Monochrome Moments – 1

I’ve been dabbling more and more with B&W conversions of my photos.  I really like the way it can transform shots taken on a gloomy day, but I also find that removal of the distraction of colour can often allow a better appreciation of the picture.  I’m beginning to think that almost any picture can make a good B&W image, although bold shapes, patterns, textures and strong contrast produce the best.

In the future, I will probably post a fair few monochrome images.  This is the first of my Monochrome Moments. It was snapped when walking past 20 Fenchurch street, otherwise known as the Walkie Talkie building, in the City of London.

The Walkie Talkie

In this image, we have mainly shapes, lines and texture.  The texture is provided by the ‘sunshade’, introduced since the ‘solar glare’ off the south face of the original building was responsible for melting parts of the bodywork of a number of cars.

Actually, this B&W version is not so different from the original colour shot, which looked pretty monochrome on that day.

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Moments – 1

    • 🙂 Should have saved that for the Cheesegrater at 122 Leadenhall Street. I didn’t get a shot of that during this walk though.

      Sorry Terry. I tell a lie. I do have one of the Cheesegrater, standing behind the entrance to Leadenhall Market. I may post it sometime soon. It isn’t a Grate image though.


  1. I agree, Dave, monochrome is a very useful tool. Some shots simply cry out for it. Have you been tempted to do the Monochrome Challenge? Five shots over five days and then nominating someone else to do the same. The kind of ‘chain letter’ that I’ll happily get involved with.


    • Thanks for the comment Mike, I’m not usually too keen on getting involved with either awards or challenges which require me to nominate some other poor soul to continue the process. It’s partly due to a perceived lack of committment on my part, and partly due to the sense of guilt that I would suffer for ‘lumbering’ someone. I hadn’t really been aware of this challenge either.


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