Monochrome Moments – 4

I rarely go back to my ‘holiday’ snaps, looking for potential monochrome images.  A recent post from Mike Osborn’s prompted me to look at some old photos from Fuerteventura, and I think that I must start doing it more often.  I found this one.  It’s not as good as Mike’s, but it does show that the sun doesn’t always shine there.  I quite liked the drama in the sky, and also the receding ‘mountains’ (really only little volcanic hills).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used a slightly ‘warm’ conversion from the Topaz presets because I thought that it might fit with the actual colours of the landscape better.  Personally, I think that the mono image is better than the original, which I have included below for comparison.  I know that the original shows the sand colour correctly, but mono shows more drama in the sky and the wind blown ‘ripples’ in the sand more clearly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFuerteventura is a barren island in the Canaries, best known for sunshine, beaches and strong winds, which give the island it’s name.  These images are from the Sand Dunes immediately south of Corralejo, at the north end of the island.


7 thoughts on “Monochrome Moments – 4

    • Thank you. The image gives an impression of vastness, whilst in reality, this area of sand dunes is quite ‘compact’ and close to a busy resort. It is a lovely place to walk, and to experience the silence of a desert though. Sand seems to have this ability to absorb external sounds. 🙂

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  1. I much prefer the mono version for a number of reasons. As you have already said the ripples in the sand are more evident and this gives interest to the foreground. I am not familiar with Topaz but it seems to do a good job converting from colour.


    • I’m glad you agree that mono is best on this occasion Alan.

      I think Topaz is similar to the NIK collection which I think you use, and which may be better. I bought Topaz as a ‘special offer’ last year and I have no experience with NIK for comparison.


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